Love, Life, Loss and Tea

by Dave Giles

I know he's not real but I'd love to be, That ginger wizard whose name is Ron Weasley, Yeah that would be sweet. It doesn't matter that he's not the coolest, It doesn't matter that he gets things wrong sometimes, He still gets his girl. Can you imagine the fun you could have with a magic wand And the knowledge of potions? And though I'll never be a wizard I'm still happy to be me And have plenty to dream of. Cos there are thousands of things that I would like to be, But I'm not cos I'm just me. And I won't get down and I'll try not to frown, Cos I am who I am and I've got what I've got and that's fine. When I was young I used to count the stars, And wonder if it would be me that would walk upon Mars, Yeah that would be sweet. I read each book I could about space travel, And watched the shows on the discovery channel, They used to call me a geek. Can you imagine the fun that you could have in a spaceship With zero gravity? And though I'll never be a spaceman I'm still happy to be me, And have plenty to dream of. Cos there are thousands of things that I would like to be, But I'm not cos I'm just me. And I won't get down and I'll try not to frown, Cos I am who I am and I've got what I've got and that's fine. Yeah I am who I am and I've got what I've got and that's fine. And isn't it fun to believe all the things that we can do when we're dreaming? And if I could make them come true then I'd probably still find reasons for moaning Though I believe what was said by Doc Brown, "If you put your mind to it you can achieve anything" But no amount of effort will ever make me be A wizard or a Jedi or a time travelling doctor A hobbit or Spiderman or the President of America Cos there are thousands of things that I would like to be, But I'm not cos I'm just me. And I won't get down and I'll try not to frown, Cos I am who I am and I've got what I've got and that's fine. Yeah I am who I am and I've got what I've got and that's fine. Yeah I am who I am and I've got what I've got and that's fine.
Isn't it strange, how unfair, life can be Stuck in a lift, the lights had gone out, singing our hearts out And isn't it strange, how unfair, the deal can be It didn't stop you, you always shine through, whatever your hand is The sun still shines behind those clouds But you never ever see it, you never ever see it It's so unfair but I know its there Though I never ever see it, I never need to see it with you I can recall, a party in pink, with everyone there We lay on the ground and danced all around like gregorys girl I can recall, you painting my smile, you laughed without care No matter how hard, it was all from the heart, and that was your whole world With you in the room, you like up the gloom There's no one else I'd rather talk to Whilring you around, right out of the chair Like there's nobody there
If i wake up and don't feel my best I give my friend martin a text Arrange to meet at our favourite place In Franks Café on Churchfield Road You get so much food without breaking the bank And the staff are great but I've not met Frank, And to top it off when you've finished your grub They offer you a complimentary cup of tea. And I like tea. Am I the only one who gets nervous when I put the kettle on for a brand new friend Will they like the way I make it, Will they think less of me if its not quite right Cos everyone has their own technique Of mixing water, milk and a sack of leaf, You can debate with me for hours, But I stir enough to make my perfect cup of tea The British high streets got it all wrong. With all those coffee shops that just don't get it right, T-shirt slogans keep on talking Telling me I've got to keep calm and carry on, But I'd rather put my kettle on. Green tea, white tea, red tea, black tea, Earl Grey, Lady Grey, camomile and monkey tea. Chai tea, ice tea, peppermint and breakfast tea. Lap sang su shong, make it weak, make it strong. Yellow tea, Tetley, lemon tea, ginger tea, One lump or three, tips from PG. Herbal tea or chilli tea, builders tea and milky, None of that coffee, love, life, loss, tea.
When I was 17 a friend of mine had a haircut And suddenly I noticed how pretty she was I pursued her for a while and eventually we kissed At a party I arranged when my parents were away And that was the start of a beautiful romance That lasted 6 years and would never have ended If I wasn't such a fool But I'm so glad she had that haircut Cos' I will never forget, the good times we had And I hope all of her dreams do come true Or at least just a few What is it about a first love that makes it so amazing? Especially in those first months when everything is new There was a song on the radio that must have been about us Singing something dramatic like "you've turned my life around" And that's how it felt and oh how I loved her She made a perfect brew and it's incredible to think, that she, did put up, with all my shhhh And no one's compared since And when she text me saying she'd found someone new oh I knew then how much I'd mucked up So I hatched a plan that involved a ring and a question you only want to ask once. And worked out a speech and made a mixtape And booked a table at café rouge in Highgate And I made an excuse about needing to talk About something that Joe couldn't help me with And she sat there and she listened, she held the ring her hand But I could tell that she didn't want to leave her new man But I wasn't ready to believe that, so I asked to her say That she loved him and that she wanted to have his babies And she delivered that line, looking me straight in the eye And I made for the door but my tears wouldn't dry And its etched in brain, the look on the face of the jeweller Who asked if it needed adjusting when I took the ring back And I said no cos she said no, She said no, yeah she said no, She said no, yeah she said no no no no no no no
Bert was a man one could listen to for hours, He had one of those voices and great stories to tell He talked with such passion and with so much conviction About the people who were blessed to have known him at all He ran a busy dockers pub in the east end With his wife in the sixtys But they never gave them any grief Cos they all thought that Bert was the strongest man in the world And how they loved him He was a boy in the war though he never left London Did his national service then he married his girl They worked together their whole lives, he couldn't stand to be without her And after the pub they retired to the country All that he needed was her company He was so happy around her And she'd do anything for him Cos he was handsome and brave and the strongest man in the world And how she loved him And Bert was idolised by his two grandsons They thought he had magic powers And they loved to listen to his tales Of life and of love and of loss and of jellied eels And how they loved him And right near the end when he knew he was dying He wrote letters to his wife and hid them all round the house And in each one he thanked her and told her how much he loved her She was finding them for weeks even after he died And back at the bar his family knew how to honour him They had a drink of his favourite A pint of skol with a top of gin Saying here's a toast to the strongest man in the world And oh how I loved him.
Call Of Duty 03:40
A soldier died in the war today, He was working in a foreign land On a routine patrol round town He was killed by a roadside bomb Are we becoming numb to this Have we drowned out what it means Do we think of the consequence? When the report says, "his family have been informed" They say he name on the radio He was 31 years of age He leaves behind a wife and son His wife had to tell his mum He loved his job and took pride in his work He was a popular and funny guy But did we think of his sacrifice When the report said, "his family have been informed" The solider's mum can hardly sleep at night She wonders if he called out her name. She's so proud of her brave son But no parent should have to bury their child, Shes written letters to the families Of the hundreds who have fallen since After all she knows what it means When the reports say, "their family have been informed" And do I live my life as if someone else Is putting theirs on the line for mine And should I sing this song cos I don't know how it feels To be the family that's been informed
Digital Love 04:11
I'm waking, and i'm pleasantly surprised to see, You're lying next to me, you're lying next to me And i'm hoping, that when you wake you'll be pleased to see, You're lying next to me I'll fetch you breakfast and put the kettle on i can do that right before my body gets it all wrong You used to be a collection of pixels on a screen Now you're here with me and i can't get enough of your digital love And its amazing, how comfortable you seem to be But you hardly know me, you hardly know me And its amazing, its not like we're a perfect match Eighty two percent in fact, not sure how they came to that You have your zeros and i have my one, Put them together and it could be oh so much fun No doubt you'll get tired of me like they always do Or maybe i'll blow it just being me Cos i always seem to find the wrong words to say and you've not seen me on England rugby days But i hope you see it through Cos i sure like being with you
Church bells and incense, Your gentle breathing, deodorants, Sirens you can barely hear, The cute song playlist I made last year. Our clothes are screwed up on the floor A tribute to the night before, A lamp shade swings, A brass band sings, rehearsing just next door. As we la la la la la lie here And you mention, that i need a shave, Shoe be do do do you remember was there something outstanding today? Sunday hibernation, You just let it wash away And la la la la la lie here, In and out of my duvet. A spider web on the ceiling, I smell your hair and wonder what you're breathing. A candle sputters to its end, Your teas gone cold so don't pretend That Monday is not on your mind, Unwelcomed guest its so unkind. Express train brakes make the room shake, As this duvet day gets left behind. It may feel like we're wasting time, We've spent all day in this bed of mine. I need my fill, lets make time stand still I hope you know I'm in my prime.
I guess there's a point when you just have to get away When you're too tired to see that all your colours turned grey I knew I was there and I'd turned into a beast I'd even had road rage 'gainst an innocent priest So I called Nick and he said "chris is here from la." Lets have a week of booze and banter and wahey I know we've both broke, but it's time for a binge We don't live enough, let's live on whiskey and wings Who needs love, when you have friends like these boys So we headed to Camden and we watched a few shows Made some new friends while the whiskey did flow The barstaff knew our names we'd been in there all week. We drank jaegarbombs when nick got to drunk to speak And he'd try to get home but fall asleep on the busy While chris and I powered on there was no stopping us, We met a couple of girls they were as cute as can be They didn't put out but that weren't bothering me cos, When the bars all kicked out we'd find a fried chicken shop I'd say I'll give you a fiver and we'll take the lot We'd get home about 5 and I'd be awake around 10 I'd wait for the call to start all over again And it weren't good for my health but it was great for my soul I was running on empty now I'm raring to go So next time that I'm low and even tea makes me winge I'll gather my friends for some whiskey and wings Who needs love love love Just grab a whiskey and call your friends up anyday
This is a tale of a love that could never have been Started back when Freddie was singing in queen Cos the worlds got so small, there are so many ways you can meet And the crazy little thing can be found without moving your feet In the year of the diamond jubilee A powered by apple love story Molly fell fond of a singer called tom on youtube And tom was impressed that her tweets would pick up his mood And she danced round the room when he accepted her facebook request He looked through all of her photos, at her prom he thought that she looked the best And they talked on skype every day They fell in love despite what her parents did say It could happen to you He wrote seven songs about her Yeah it could happen to you She put his sweet texts up on tumblr The world watched to see how they'd do So far apart and so much to prove It could really happen to you Tom saved for months to book a flight to go see her And she spent hours getting ready, she couldn't decide which dress made her look thinner And they embraced at the airport, he wasn't as tall as she thought he would be But she really didn't care, she posted photos so everyone could see The tears after they'd had their first kiss He said "can it even get better than this?" It could happen to you She held his hand in the city Yeah it could happen to you His nerves made his palms go sweaty And the world watched to see how they'd do In love for a year, yet everything was new And it could really happen to you At the end of the week, he didn't want to go home Back to a world of laptops and phones And molly got scared that it would get So much harder now she'd tasted his kiss It don't get better than this It could happen to you He wrote more songs about her Yeah it could happen to you She put all their photos on tumblr The world watched to see how they'd do Hoping that they'd get through It could really happen to you
Someone's in my head, There is someone in my head, Telling me I need to play it cool, Turning the warning signs red. Someone's in my head, There is someone in my head, Saying stop being irrational, But my heart is winning instead. Whoa. The complications of a dying romance, Whoa, Just wanna know that we gave it a chance. Someone's in my bed, There is someone in my bed. Something's telling me this shouldn't go on, But this fool is easily led Whoa, The complications of a dying romance. Whoa, Just wanna know that we gave it a chance. Whoa, It's hard to know what to do, If you don't know how you feel. And I cannot, I cannot, I cannot leave with these feelings I cannot, I cannot leave. I cannot, I cannot, I cannot leave with these feelings I cannot, I cannot leave. I cannot, I cannot, I cannot leave with these feelings I cannot, I cannot leave. Someone's in my head, There is someone in my head.
For a couple of months I've been wracking my brains Looking for words that will say how I feel I've written hundreds verses and tried many rhymes Cadences and couplets and all kind of lines, But it seems that these feelings of love and of hate for you Have left my mind numb and incapable Forgive me for being so crude and so hurtful There's no need for metaphors with someone like you I tried to compare you to a world title fight, But were you my opponent or were you the prize I've read books and watched films to try and find a likeness But I get to the end and it doesn't match up And I've tried all the clichés like trips to the funfair You were the ride that I was too tall to try So I've come to accept that these thoughts just go nowhere Cos there's no need for metaphors with someone like you Cos you're a bitch and you're a slut and I hate you so much, Yet you're lovely and I adore you and I just crave your touch But you use me and abuse me and it drives me insane Cos you excite me and delight me, its probably me I should blame Cos I don't understand you, and I just can't let go Its been goin on so long, and all I have to show Is five lousy songs a bruised ego and heart But your kiss is so good, how I'd love to go back to the start. So I'm going to attempt to stop wracking my brains Looking for words to say how I feel, I need to find a better subject to occupy my rhymes Cos it seems that I'm bored of writing about you And I've scared girls away on many occasions By writing these songs just to make an impression But you'll never be mine, you just love the attention I'll stop wasting my loving on someone like you!
I wake each morning its time for snoozing, I press that button seven times before i'm moving Take a shower for an hour, Living by procrastination I turn my phone on and call my friend john play a silly little game cos i'm a moron do some scheming and day dreaming living by procrastination Got so much to do but there's so many distractions My kettle is my partner in crime If i could stop myself from all this inaction then maybe i could get my girl to bed on time watch a movie and make a smoothie list the things i need to do ASAP sitting wishing i was kissing living by procrastination Oh look a mirror, I could be slimmer give my beard a little trim then go tell twitter you can't beat tweeting what you're eating living by procrastination...


released October 28, 2016


all rights reserved



Dave Giles London, UK

Hey... welcome! I'm Dave and I sing songs.. I'm about to do something absolutely ridiculous, so sign up to my mailing list on my website to find out more!

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