The Taylor Swift EP

by Dave Giles

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released March 16, 2014



all rights reserved


Dave Giles London, UK


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Track Name: Why'd She Have to Sleep With Someone Else
So where to begin in the story of the end
i didn't see it coming, now i've lost my best friend
i feel a fool
oh what a fool

It was the start of December, and she'd given me her list
Whilst i was working to afford it, she went out and got pissed
and met a guy
I was being taken for a ride.

And she came home and told me of this "friend" that she had made,
He knew my old songs, he'd seen a gig that I'd played.
And he was having a tough time, his dog had just died,
He played guitar in a band, oh he was such a good time.

I know we had tests and i know i wasn't always the best,
But this was a girl i never thought would sleep with someone else.

The day after Christmas she said she might need some space
I knew things weren't right, i said "we'll move at your pace"
and that seemed fine
so we went back to mine

A few more days passed and we were lying in bed,
she was hiding her phone, but they were "just friends" she said
oh what to do?
What was i supposed to do?

And that night she went to his gig with her friends,
she made it quite clear that i was not to attend,
So i asked her to text me when she was home safe in bed
It came at 6.30 and this is what it said:

"Good night baby", with a kiss
I'd not slept a wink for this.

And i felt so unworthy, of course she wouldn't sleep with someone else.

And i don't think that Hollywood has ever really shown,
The true devastation of the moment when you're told.
That the person you're in love with,
Who has said that they're all yours.
Has opened up her soul, and let someone else inside
And i finally know what Mr. Flowers meant when he sang:
"I'm Mr. Brightside"

Oh it was a phonecall,
She said she'd done something wrong,
and i knew right away, oh.
And i cried and i cried and i cried
and i fell to the floor
Why'd she have to sleep with someone else?
Why'd she have to sleep with someone else?
Why'd she have to sleep with someone else?
Track Name: Another But The Best
I don't recall,
Feeling as inadequate as i do,
Battered and bruised.
You've broken me down,
left me to sliver around this bed.
Of memories,
Of shattered dreams and heartache.
And the best,
That i could offer you,
Led you to the arms of another.

I want nothing more,
I want nothing less,
than for you to live a life of happiness
I'm down on the floor,
No words to express,
But don't accept anything but the best.

I don't recall,
feeling as destructible as i do.
Struggling through,
Never before have i ever lost my
Just floating around,
my mind is full of unanswered questions.
But the one,
thats got me going insane.
Is what does he give you that i can't?

My hearts in pieces,
I have only got myself to blame,
I've been defeated.
I hope you never feel the same.
Track Name: Was I Not Fun
Remembering things we used to do,
Remember the girl you used to be,
Is she gone? Oh where has she gone?
Its the littlest things i miss of you,
The littlest grins i yearn to see,
Wasn't it fun? Oh was i not fun?

The cuddles and movies whilst lying in bed,
the feel of your foot against my leg.
The way that you'd ask if we were ok,
after the fights that went your way.
The holding of hands as we walked down the street,
The way you could tell when i needed to eat.
And now i need to let go,
Its time to let go.

The scent that you'd leave on your side of my bed,
I'd turn and lay there as soon as you left.
The cute little snort when you were laughing too hard,
the involuntary noises after when we made love..
The photos of rings that you liked to send,
The plans that we made, that now have to end.
Where did it go wrong?
It all went so wrong.

And this was meant to be a song,
where i list all the things that i miss.
But some don't rhyme and some don't fit
I've not even mentioned your sweet kiss.
So as i stand here and sing,
Just a couple of things,
please know there's so much more inside.
And the worst thing,
Is that i know you don't miss me at all.

And despite this
I still love you.
Track Name: I'll Be Fine (Give Me Time)
They say new years great for a brand new start,
well i guess its going to have to be.
They say new years great for a brand new start,
well i guess its going to have to be.
Cos my girlfriend left me on new years eve
and i thought she would marry me,
I sure am sad, and i sure am mad you know,
But worse things could happen to me.

I'll be fine, i'll be fine,
Just give me time and i'll be fine,
I'll be fine, i'll be fine
don't need you to tell me that i'll be fine.
Cos there's a great big world in front of me,
And there's so much i've yet to see,
And though i may not ever be the same,
Give me time and i'll be fine.

I gathered up all her things
and i put them in a bag for life.
I gathered up all her things
and i put them in a bag for life.
And i left that bag on her mums doorstep
have you ever seen a grown man cry
cos tears appeared, them tears did wash my beard,
cos i didn't want to say goodbye.

Messages came from far and wide
From friends that wanted a drink
And they've helped me sleep
and they've helped me eat
Lifted me up now i'm back on my feet.
And though the smile on face may disguise
The sadness you see thats right behind my eyes
Its just a phase, i'll be ok, my dreams won't fade.